Another Win for Sibley!

We had another WIN last night against Richfield! Way to go WARRIORS!

We had a team score of 109.1-

Sami came in 1st All Around
Morgan was 2nd All Around-

Sami was 1st with 8.075
Morgan McCarthy was 2nd with 7.925
Krista Kedrowski was 3rd with 7.875

Sami was 1st with 6.725
Cailin was 2nd with 5.8
Krista was 3rd with 5.575

Sami was 1st with 7.475
Morgan was 2nd with 6.95
Emily was 4th with 5.775

Morgan was 1st with 7.9
Sami was 2nd with 7.65

So incredibly proud of all the girls! We had an injury with one of our varsity members- She is doing well now and we found out it is a back muscle strain. No breaks or fractures which is a relief! We hope she recovers quickly and is feeling better today!

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