Weekly Update!

Hey Everyone-

Hope you are all enjoying your day off of school! We haven’t had a full week of school yet this month! We have an exciting week upon us! We are hosting our first Warrior Invitational on Saturday January 25th! Five other teams will be coming to Sibley for our invite! We do not have a meet on Thursday this week, just Saturday!

Tuesday- Normal Practice 3:30-5:30
Wednesday- Normal Practice 3:30-5:30
Thursday- Normal Practice 3:30-5:30

Friday- Normal Practice 3:30-5:30 – Set up for Invitational at 5:30 after practice!

Saturday – Warrior Invitational – Gymnasts need to be at Sibley by 7:30am. Competition Starts at 11am.

Looking forward to a fun and exciting week!

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