Simley Invite Info

Simley Invite is tomorrow December 6th at 11am. At Simley they are having major construction in their front entrance of the High School. All buses must enter the student parking lot off of 80th street (this entrance is west of the high school main entrance). If you are coming from Highway 52 and heading east toward the school the student parking lot entrance is before the high school main entrance.

Judges, coaches and fans should park in the student parking lot and then enter the building through door “B”.

The girls competing need to be at Sibley by 7:45am- and we will be departing Sibley at 8:15am. Stretching starts at 8:30 and then timed warms up start at 9:15. I’m hopeful we will be done by 2pm.

If your competing- please remember all of your items! Don’t forget your money for food or snacks!

Any questions- let me know!
Coach J.