Another one bites the dust….

Well… Another season has come to a close. I have to say for multiple reasons this has by far been one of the best seasons I have had since coaching at Henry Sibley. The girls on the team had great attitudes throughout the entire season. Everyone worked hard, and grew to their highest potential! We set goals throughout the season and many of the goals were met! Coaching is incredibly easy and enjoyable when you have athletes who are excited and are determined to persevere!  Thank you for everyone who was a part of our team! Thank you to everyone who came yesterday to help take the equipment down.

The gym is back to its normal state-

NOW- is where the hard work starts! Now is the time to begin preparing for next year. Our season is only 3 months long. You now have 9 months to continue building your strength, flexibility and skills. NOW IS THE TIME. I know some of you might do spring sports, or want to take time off, or not know where to go but I would highly encourage you to continue gymnastics throughout this off season. Track is a great spring sport- it is a great way to keep up your endurance. Take some time off, but then get right back into it within a couple weeks. Ask the coaches or older girls if you don’t know where to start taking classes. We are here to help, and to push and to build everyone up to be their best! We have to put the work in now in order to see results later! We are planning to have the gym up this summer with some exciting things happening! Please don’t wait to hear from us- get started now. The gym will not be up until the middle of June- and there is work to be done before that! Let me know if you need any help finding a gym to practice at! I would be happy to help 🙂 d265c952cb865b6c7e14540b888f9ddf e7eec5d1b632ffb1831e7a538939cf5e 5546e04e222bead9951c23e3c06292a4 688b61641af885046f53aa4cf33c86dd fc567f6a71a51cf7b28ed5b92f7953a9 79e8d5ad49ba22fd1d7d7d9572243340train insane

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