Equipment Set up/ Impact Testing

Hey Everyone-

Happy Tuesday! Few announcements for the week-


TOMORROW Wednesday November 8th we are doing Equipment Set up from 3:30-6pm. We will meet in the small gym. Girls please bring workout clothes, tennis shoes and come ready to work! Hopefully we get it all done in one day!

NEW- Announcement:

THURSDAY November 9th. We will be doing Impact Testing with our Trainer- Allie Bui. Impact testing is a part of the concussion protocol. The test is a computer program that the girls take and gives the trainer a baseline for each girl individually. In the event that the girls get a concussion during our season, they would use this computer test as a post-injury measure to make sure they are fit to return to their activity. All sports teams do this assessment. It takes about 30 minutes for the kids to complete. The girls do not have school Thursday October 9th, so if they are able to get a ride up to Sibley at 2:30pm, Allie will be available for anyone who can meet to get this impact testing done before our season starts. That way- they don’t have to miss practice time next week. If you are unable to make it, we will make other arrangements for you. Please contact Jen if this date won’t work for you. If you can attend on Thursday- You will meet the captains at the front doors of Sibley on Thursday at 2:30 and then you will walk down to meet Allie together.


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