Important Dates coming up!

We are just about a month out to our 2018-2019 Season! Here are some important dates for you to put in your calendar!

Wednesday October 24th— We will have our Pre-Season meeting. It will be in Warrior Hall at Henry Sibley High School at 6:30pm!

November 7th and 8th we will plan for Equipment Set up! Wednesday November 7th we will start after school at 3:45pm. Hopefully we can get it done in one day, but if we don’t we will plan for November 8th at 3pm to finish. Parents are always welcomed to come help us with this endeavor šŸ™‚

November 12th — FIRST PRACTICE!! Plan accordingly to get all your forms and such in by then. If you need to update your physical- that needs to be completed by the first practice date!

See you sooooooon!! Happy Flipping!

Coach Jen


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