A Great Opportunity!


You are invited to join your fellow female Warrior athletes as DAILY CHAMPIONS!

DAILY CHAMPIONS – Simple habits to strengthen your Warrior Spirit every day – is an opportunity designed to help you implement SIMPLE, self-care habits that will help fuel your Warrior Spirit amongst life’s current challenges. As your once “normal” has been stripped away, daily structures you once thrived in are paused, and you find yourself in isolation more than ever, it is easy for your spirit to feel heavy, dim, and empty. This structure introduces you to 4 daily habits that are easy to build into your everyday practices to help bring light and energy to your day. 

This 6-week interactive course will be conducted through Canvas and Google Meets, and will create a safe place of accountability to help you take action on these simple, important habits. Led by Coach Carpenter, Coach Naughton, Coach Schneider and Ms. Erchul (counselor), this course is open to ALL female Warrior Athletes, so make sure your teammates are involved!

Work to become a champion for yourself every day, so you can become champions together!

Join DAILY CHAMPIONS >> https://isd197.instructure.com/enroll/D3MHDK

This will be a fantastic opportunity to connect with other Female Warrior Athletes! I will be following along and encourage you all to join the journey!

Happy Handstands!


November 2020-

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted something here. I hope you all had a great week.

We had a pre-season meeting on Tuesday the 17th. Our meeting followed the message from Gov. Walz that put a pause on sports for now. We will not be starting our season come December 7th. We will be waiting for more guidance from the MSHSL for winter sports. As I get the information, I will pass it along. We are hoping we can have virtual gatherings and workouts together.

For now — here are a couple things for you—

Online Store — Open, but closes the 22nd — https://www.bsnteamsports.com/shop/HSGYM20

Here is a 20-minute stretch routine you can try at home! Good to start stretching out those muscles, and continuing to build flexibility!

Here is a 30 minute full body workout – no equipment needed!!

Stay tuned for more resources to come! Miss you all—–Stay Healthy-

Happy Handstands-