New Year- Fresh Start!

Hey Everyone —

We are looking forward to seeing all your faces in 2021. What a great way to kick of a new year, with a fresh start to our season. I have a lot of information for you.

Below is our:

  • Practice Schedule for the first week
  • Full Schedule for the season
  • Covid Protocols for Gymnastics –
  • Information on ordering Leos and T-shirts

First — Practice for the first week may look a little different than the rest of the season. We have had a high number of athletes join our team this year which is incredible!! We love welcoming new faces to our team. With the increase in gymnasts and covid – we need to do 2 practice pods for the first week. The coaches are going to take Monday and Tuesday to get to know everyone, see where everyone’s skills are at from last season, and then possibly rework the groups based on skill level. Our practices are going to need to be highly structured with rotations so cleaning can occur in between gymnasts and rotations. Skill level, pace, and spotting support will all be used to help determine our groups. We want our groups to make practices efficient and effective for everyone. You may feel like the practice times are short, as they are compared to years past. With 2 groups, we had to shorten them slightly and we will send you home with conditioning workouts to do on your own. We will communicate more about this on the first day of practice. I will share the practice groups with you all in our GroupMe Chat as well as here — Please email or text me if you have any questions.

  • Monday- January 4th – Wednesday, January 6th –
    • Pod 1 — 3:30-5pm
    • Pod 2 – 5:10-6:45pm
  • Thursday, January 7th and Friday, January 8th
    • Pod 1 –3:30-5:30

Practice Pods — Click Here — If your name has an asterisk- you are not registered as of this morning- 12/31

Lastly — Ordering some Gear. With Covid — locker rooms are not encouraged. We are seeking information if the girls can compete in their warm-up leos instead of having to change into competition leotards. With that, we need to make sure we have matching warm-up leos. We will be using the red leos with gold sequins because they are in stock and we can get new ones from the company quickly. If you have a red/gold practice Leo that fits well, you are set. If you do not have one or yours doesn’t fit any longer- you will need to order one. Keep in mind if we compete in them, you will not be able to wear shorts with it for competitions so you’ll want a warm up leo that fits properly. I will get your ordering information on the first day.

We also did not order team jackets this year because the turnaround time was 6-7 weeks and we wouldn’t’ get them in time. We are going to do just a long sleeve t-shirt that everyone can have and wear this year. We will order them through custom ink and will have them by our first competition. Parents are able to order a t-shirt if you’d like as well

Leos — $35

T-Shirts — $30-35 depending on how many we order. The more we order- the price will go down. Parents are able to purchase one if they’d like as well.

That is a lot of information — I will cover it all again on day 1, but wanted you to have what you needed. Questions- concerns- let me know!

See you all in 2021 —– The excitement is indescribable.