Season Update

Hey Everyone –

We are off to a great start! The girls are doing amazing and working incredibly hard every day!

It’s a Meet Week!! — We have our first competition this week! We will be competing against South St. Paul at SSP on Thursday, January 21st. We will have a bus available for those who want to ride it. The bus will leave Sibley at 4pm.

South St. Paul does not allow spectators. I have not heard if they will be broadcasting or streaming the event online. I will share anything I learn.

Usually, we have the entire team travel to meets, but this year with COVID we are only having girls who are competing coming to the meet. Girls will know if they are competing by the end of practice on Tuesday.

Shirts and Leos have been ordered. T-shirts are $23 and Leotards are $30. You can send a check, cash or use venmo.

Meet schedule is being updated on this website! When we have a home meet, each competing gymnast is allowed, 2 spectators. We have to submit our spectator list by midnight the night before the meet. Michelle Warford will be collecting spectator names and submitting them to the athletic office. We will share a spreadsheet with families of competing gymnasts so you can add your information for each meet. Next week when we compete at home I will explain this all again in an email to parents.

I think that is all for now – let me know you if you ever have any questions! We are available anytime!

Happy Handstands!

Coach Jen

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