Here we go!

Hey Everyone!!  Happy Friday šŸ™‚

We officially kick off our season on Monday- November 8th and I’m so excited. We will have practice at 3:45 on Monday. We will meet in the gym!

NEW COACHĀ (Click to see)

We have hired an assistant coach! Her name is Jessica Legleiter. Here is a little introduction page for you to read and get to know her a little. She will be a great addition to our team. 

PRACTICE SCHEDULEĀ — (click to see)

With the hire of a new coach, we were able to create our practice schedule. We have created November’s schedule and will send December out by Thanksgiving. Due to the coach’s work schedules, we will be having some later practices. If you need help with getting a ride to practice for these later times, let me know! We will work together to help each other out. 


We are looking forward to a fun and productive first week of practice. We will be working hard to get back into shape, do some team-building activities, and get started on routines! 


Get registered before Monday if you haven’t already

If you are applying to be a captain, please get your recommendations from teachers.