Who can participate in Gymnastics?

  • Girls in grades 7th- 12th grade are eligible to participate with the High School Gymnastics program.

When are practices?

  • Practices are usually every day from 3:30-5:30 unless otherwise notified. Practice times change and vary during Holiday breaks.

How much of a time commitment is Gymnastics:

  • You need to be fully committed to the sport if you are going to be a serious gymnast. Gymnastics requires a lot of dedication and hard work. We practiced hard and enjoy performing all of our hard work at competitions! It also is a great idea to join a club or camps over the spring, summer and fall months when we aren’t able to be at Sibley for practice. In order to keep all the skills you learn during our season you need to keep up the strength and flexibility.

When are meets?

  • Meets are most often on Thursday evenings throughout our season. We have a couple Saturday Invitationals that are posted on the schedule.

What if “I haven’t done gymnastics in many years but I would still like to join the team?”

  • Since this a JV and Varsity level sport you need to have some experience with the sport of gymnastics in order to have a competitive spot. We encourage anyone that has some experience and is interested to come out and try. It is important for all young girls to build strength and flexibility. If you are just beginning you will need to be dedicated and committed to learning the basics before you can compete at the Varsity or JV level.

How much does gymnastics cost?

  • To play a sport at the high school you will need to pay the extra curricular fee that the school sets up. There are special circumstances that are dealt with on a individual level. If you have other siblings that have played a sport or if you are on free and reduced lunch. Work with the Athletic office to determine what you will need to do. Throughout the year we purchase sweatshirts and sometimes T-Shirts as a team. Those are not required but are a fun way to promote the team.

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